Lothar Schreyer: Crucifixion

Ritual and charms are the basic qualities of this text, which is not defined by time or space, so it is not possible to speak about explicit content that would become established through relationships among characters. We feel that the world of Crucifiction is broken into basic fragments and therefore burdened and somehow heavy. The Mistress, The Mother and The Man perform a kind of charm-saying ritual, without purpose but definitely out of some deep, insensible belief that this will help them break the ominous spell of fate that looms above the heads of the (post-)modern world. The staging of the Crucifiction is based on research into the vocal image of the text in English translation. This is the reason behind the expansion of the basic cast consisting of three characters to include an additional two voices.

Creative Approach

Roll paper, Scissors, Nylon, Stagetape, Cardboard, Acrylic paints, Fasteners, two Wigs and 20 minutes.

x337  x326  x349 x356 x374   x407  x516  x521  x524 x526  x563   x596 x598  x616 x618


Milan Golob


Sara Praper

Costume Design

Tina Pavlović

Performed by

Benjamin Krnetič, Anja Novak, Matija Rupel, Lena Hribar, Nataša Keser